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          1. Nuclear Power Plant Control Room Design As A Safety Factor

            Nuclear power plants are operated from a control room which is designed to help to maintain high standards of safety. To provide a functional work environment, the control bodies of the facility need to follow existing international rules. For instance, ISO 11064-2013, or “Ergonomic design of control centers,” which is consistently updated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

            This refers to important aspects of design, such as layout, lighting, colors, operator console, computer screen, furniture, and materials. Balancing comfort and functionality, a nuclear power plant control room design approach is human-centered.

            nuclear power plant control room (more…)

            Why Nuclear Plants are a safe zone from terrorist attacks

            Nuclear power plant

            Possible aircraft attack

            There has been a lot of contemplation over the consequences of occurrence of an attack by a large aircraft similar to the 2001 World Trade Centre attack in New York. This time the target being a nuclear facility aiming at radioactive materials. Studies show that nuclear reactors would be robust as compared to any other civil installations used to resist such attacks. A thorough study financed by the US department of Energy and conducted by US Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) concluded that the US reactor would be strong enough to withstand attacks from large commercial aircraft.


            Lack of Australian nuclear plant almost immoral: Peter Cosgrove

            The Former defence force chief Peter Cosgrove has pleaded for Australia to embrace nuclear power, criticising the “daily scrapping” between politicians about climate change.

            Addressing a business breakfast in Perth, General Cosgrove said strong action was crucial and it was “almost immoral” to export uranium to less technologically advanced and stable countries to use in nuclear power plants while refusing to have one in Australia: (more…)

            Warming to Nuclear Power

            The Age yesterday released an Age/Nielsen poll demonstrating that 49% of Australians believed nuclear should be on the nation’s list of potential power options, with 43% opposed.


            This is a major change from a level of just 38% in a 2006 Newspoll, with 51 per cent opposed.


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